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We are sustainable business offering quality vintage clothes and accessories along with experimental handmade pieces.
The Vintage range is from my private collection and it's an accurate research realised across the UK and Italy over the years.
The accessories from the Handmade selection are crafted by the Italian artist Aria, who produces unique designs reusing different up-cycled materials.

Every piece in our collections will come to life thanks to your inner beauty and your connection with Tara, our beloved Mother.
Our aim is to offer a unique shopping experience  with a different approach to fashion, so if you are looking for a conscious shopping you are in the right place.
Let's look at fashion with more curiosity, awareness and respect!
Our strong environment ethos led us to choose a 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.
We love fashion and planet too!



Set aside an afternoon to try different combinations in front of the mirror.
Don't be afraid to experiment ,you’ll never know what pairings you might love.
Fashion has never been only about what makes you look good, it’s about what makes you feel good! 

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