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Into my closet was established in summer 2021, aiming to offer vintage fashion curated with love in the most ethical

and sustainable way.

I personally select every single piece of my collection from many eclectic sources, I choose to buy quality over quantity.

Since I was a child fashion has been part of my life.

My mother's sense of style in the 70s and 80s has been really inspiring, introducing me to the pre-loved fashion.

I worked and studied in the fashion industry for more then two decades and I have always dreamed of building 

my own business.

Both, my personal and working experiences, have significantly influenced my strong sense of style and unconditional love for vintage fashion.


If you are looking for a conscious and unique shopping experience, you are in the right place. 

Let's look at fashion with more curiosity, awareness and respect!




Set aside an afternoon to try different combinations in front of the mirror.
Don't be afraid to experiment, you’ll never know what pairings you might love.
Fashion has never been only about what makes you look good, it’s about what makes you feel good.

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